I.T.S. LED Display


LED Destination Display

  • Compact & robust design
  • 1,000 Messages
  • Wide Viewing Angle
  • Integrated Control Unit

  • Product Description:

    LDD has an unparalleled visual impact.Through high definition characters,120 degree horizontal visibility & automatic brightness control, the displays are easily visible day and night and in many weat

    Key Features

    • Aluminum housing to minimize weight while ensuring a solid construction
    • Flat design reduces the external dimensions to a minimum
    • UV protection
    • Viewing angle of approximately 110 degree to optimist and liability
    • Capable of multi line display and graphics import
    • Reduce life cycle cost
    • Maintenance Fee

    Mechanical Diagram

    Item LDD-1000W-16X96A
    Voltage 12VDC - 36VDC
    Current Consumption 12V @4A or 24V @2A
    LED's 5mm Amber
    Resolution 16H x 96L / dots
    Overall Dimension 190H x 100L x 50D / mm
    Weight 6 kgs
    Brightness > 3500 CD/m²
    Viewing Angle 110∘
    Text Transfer SD, Memory Card
    Transfer Speed Varies with number of destinations
    Keypad Programming For Emergency Message Only
    Fonts Dot Big Bold,Dot Italic,Dot Small Bold,Dot Small ...upto 25 fonts
    Graphic / Logo Edit by PC user friendly software
    Memory Flasher , 1000 messages
    Display Graphic LCD, routes' selection
    Ambient Environment -20 to 70℃
    Humidity EN50155:1995, EN661373
    Vibration, Shock GSM Network


    Contact: Ms. Yammie Lam (Sales Manager)
    Phone: 852 - 92701501 (HK)
    Tel: 852-28082848
    Email: info@winnerelect.com
    H.K. Office:

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