P.O.P. LED Display


LED Flash and Full-light

  • Brand New and High quality
  • It is a mulit feature very small and handy speedlite
  • It can use for app iblazr to concent ios6+ android 4.0+ and wp8+
  • It is a lamp also. do not with phone

  • Product Description:

    The built-in rechargeable battery, will not be consumed power of the smart phone , can make independent lighting as auxiliary lamp , easy have naturel flash .let you to take more better photo.

    Key Features
    • Portable multifunction miniature flash, built-in 16 highlight LED.
    • Can in the case of insufficient light photos, effect is remarkable.
    • Provide three powerful lighting model to meet the needs of the different scenarios.
    • It can use the free application with iOS, Android
    and WP8 smartphones and tablet computers for synchronous connection.

    Mechanical Diagram



    LED-Flash and Full-light

    No. of LEDs

    Power Battery 200mAh
    Color Black / White
    Net Weight 23.8g
    USB Cable Length 24.8g
    LED Flash Light Size                         3.7 x 3.7 x 0.8cm ( L x W x H)                                                          


    Contact: Ms. Yammie Lam (Sales Manager)
    Phone: 852 - 92701501 (HK)
    Tel: 852-28082848
    Email: info@winnerelect.com
    H.K. Office:

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