I.T.S. LED Display


LED Bus Stop Display GPS

  • Compact & robust design
  • 1,000 Messages
  • Wide Viewing Angle
  • Integrated Control Unit

  • Product Description:

    LED Bus Stop Display have different sign sizes of any passenger information sign supplier in the public transport market. Bus stop announcer and display work through the GPS, which enables the switc

    Key Features

    • Aluminum housing to minimize weight while ensuring a solid construction
    • Flat design reduces the external dimensions to a minimum
    • UV protection
    • Viewing angle of approximately 110 degree to optimist and liability
    • Capable of multi line display and graphics import
    • Reduce life cycle cost
    • Maintenance Fee

    Solution A:

    GPS automatic bus stop announcer(EL-S300) + LED displays(front, side, rear and

    When many displays are needed in a bus (front, side, rear, external), it is better to choose this
    solution. In this case, bus stop announcer and display work through the GPS, which enables the
    switching of messages on displays and broadcasts to be automatic. Besides, it will relieve the
    burden of drivers and lower the risks of traffic accidents. For this solution, an microphone is
    available, through which drivers broadcast.

    Solution B:

    Manual bus stop announcer(EL-S200)+LED display
    Compared to GPS automatic bus stop announcer, manual bus stop announcer is small, which
    makes the costs lower. It can be easily installed and embedded on buses. LED displays can be
    connected to the announcer in the same way as in solution A. But there is no GPS and voice
    announcing function for this solution. So when the bus comes to a destination, the driver need to
    press buttons to announce the station name.

    Solution C:

    GPS Vehicle scheduling system + LED display
    Nowadays there are GPS tracker and DVR on most of buses, through RS232 & RS485, our LED
    display can be connected with those devices. The display carries its own font library and it is
    controlled by DVR system. ASCII nuicode and GB code is available for the display. Our display
    succeed to work with system of Hisense and system of Lenz.

    Solution D:

    When the display is just as a route reminder, such as K312 Shenzhen→Zhuhai, it will be a good
    solution for you. The message can be updated by U disk, and contents on display can be switched
    by pressing the buttons(UP, DOWN, RESET). It is easy to install and operate.


    Bus Stop Announcer
    Item Size Picture


    GPS auto bus stop announcer with

    LED display control system

    130mm x 105mm x 50mm


    Manual bus stop announcer

    132mm x 67mm x 28mm


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