Indoor LED Display


LED Queue Ticketing System

  • Touch Screen Ticket Dispenser
  • Counter LED Display Unit
  • Counter Call Pad Terminal
  • LED Centralized Waiting Area Display

  • Product Description:

    Queue-it is a virtual waiting room system, sometimes referred to as queue system, that can be implemented on your web shop to better manage massive end-user peaks.

    Key Features

    • Capability to display multiple categories
    Ticket dispenser
    8 Digital LED counter display
    Key call pad
    Waiting area main display

    Mechanical Diagram


    Ticket Dispenser

    Material: Cated with cold steel material

    Display: 17" Samsuang LCD display, with resolution of 1024x768@75Hz
    Touch Screen: Surface Acoustic Wave or five wire resistive touchscreen
    CPU: Intel Dual Core 1.80GHz
    2G DDR3 Memory or higher
    32G SDD or higher as you require
    Printer: with 80mm Epson Auto Cutter thermal Printer
    Both Wire and Wireless queuing system solution available
    Interface and language and ticket format can be customized by customers
    Color and Design can be customize as you require

    8 Digital LED counter display
    F3.75 single color dot matrix LED display, 8 digits can be displayed
    4 digits for display ticket number, counter, number available

    21 Keys Call Pad
    Size: 140 x 81 x 26 /mm
    21 key wirless multi-function keypad
    USB or USB micro adapter
    220V power supply can be directly connected


    Contact: Ms. Yammie Lam (Sales Manager)
    Phone: 852 - 92701501 (HK)
    Tel: 852-28082848
    H.K. Office:

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